Universal Forecasts

European Electricity Demand Forecasts


Sharad is a technology buff with over 12 years of experience in Sales, Operations & Analytics and has worked with clients across various geographies in India, US & EU.

In the Energy sector he has worked as a Business(Market) Developer for a Power Exchange in India. He has experience in supporting energy companies and energy traders to develop & help clients manage power portfolios across different types of Power sales/purchase contracts. Further he was instrumental in developing daily analysis reports to help Day Ahead Traders. In other assignments he was offering compliance based products to traders.

This latest endeavour is about making Load and Price forecasts for various electricity control areas in Europe. Currently, Demand Forecasts are being published for the Nordic countries, Austria & Czech Republic, France & Ercot in the US.

These Load forecasts have shown to have a Lower Mean absolute Error (MAE) than the RTOs/ISOs forecast. The project’s road-map is to generate more Load forecasts and Price forecasts in the near future for the European region.

Sharad has a Production Engineering background with strong experience in Sales & Business Development. Having deep interest in computational techniques and technologies like Machine Learning and R resp.,  Sharad also takes up projects in other industry segments as well.


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