Universal Forecasts

European Electricity Demand Forecasts


Using our analytical skills, computing techniques and technologies we are helping businesses in improving processes and offering solutions that fit with a good ROI in the system.

Below is the glimpse of our endeavours in industries that we are currently working on & capable of:-

Energy Sector
Power : Electricity Demand (Load) Forecasts for American & European Markets. Presently we are publishing forecasts for the Nordic Market, France, Czech & Austria in the Europe and ERCOT in the USA. We are working towards expanding this to pan European and American markets. 

Hourly demand forecasts are published once/twice a day. For more frequent updates please write to us for Subscription. 

Power: Wind and Solar generation and Price forecasts.
Oil & Gas: Forecasting Weekly demand and inventories.

a. Improve visibility in Market and Pricing trends using data Analytics. 
b. Analytical projects based on internal and external data.

Banking, Finance and Insurance
a. Actuarial models based in R
b. Credit scoring, Fraud Management, etc
c. Time series analytics and fundamental analysis of Companies and Industries.